Successors of Peter claimed by the Catholic Church:
Simon, given the name Cephas (Peter) which means "Rock" by Jesus.
St. Linus 67?-76? (2 Timothy 4:21) linus | pudens | claudia
St. Cletus or Anacletus 76?-88?
St. Clement I 88?-97? (Philippians 4:3) -- First Epistle
St. Evaristus 97?-105?
Earliest case of the use "catholic church" to date in history:
Ignatius of Antioch, d. c.107, bishop of Antioch (not even a bishop of Rome) The Epistle of Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans: Chapter VIII.-Let Nothing Be Done Without the Bishop.

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Peter, Saint
d. A.D. 64?, most prominent of the Twelve APOSTLES, traditionally the first bishop of Rome. His name was Simon, but Jesus called him Cephas [Aramaic, (= (rock], or, in Greek, Petros. A native of Bethsaida in Galilee, he was the brother of St. ANDREW. Fishermen, they were called by Jesus at the same time as James (James the Greater) and John. Peter appears in the gospels as leader and spokesman of the disciples, and Jesus most often addressed him when speaking to them. When Peter confessed Jesus to be the Christ, he was told, Upon this rock I will build my church. With James and John, he was chosen to see the Transfiguration and after the Last Supper witnessed the agony at Gethsemane. When Jesus was betrayed, Peter denied him, as Jesus had predicted he would. After the Resurrection Jesus appeared and charged Peter to feed my sheep. The ACTS OF THE APOSTLES describes Peter's role as leader in the early apostolic period. According to 2d-cent. sources, he apparently left Antioch for Rome A.D. c.55 and there died as head of the local church-a martyr under NERO-traditionally crucified on the Vatican Hill. Over his supposed burial place stands ST. PETER'S CHURCH, the principal shrine of Europe. Peter is said to have helped St. MARK write his gospel, but the epistles of PETER are regarded as mistakenly attributed. His successors as bishop of Rome came to be leaders of the church (see PAPACY).  Source:

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